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The terms of quality and satisfaction are not identified from internal rules and specifications of a business or a company, but are identified by the clients with a process of comparing alternative products by competitive companies.
Garvin (1998)
…The judgment of the client decides the quality of the product

Based on the knowledge and experience of over 35 years in Differential Systems Analysis and Computer Science, with staff that has major expertise in the field of IT and science, WeKnow! aims to provide flexible, fast and reliable solutions, combined with the use of new technologies in computing, so as to contribute in an innovative course for any business. Measurement, evaluation and optimization of services on the one hand and minimization of the operating costs on the other. The immediate availability of measurable outcomes from the provided services and in particular, in health, tourism industry quick follow up. The longterm experience of WeKnow in the field of computer science and specifically in Differential Systems Analysis, which consists the main tool for a company's direct and quality response to its demanded providing customer service – partners.
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