Interactive Reservation System by WeKnow!

About i_Res

i_Res is a Web App, fully compatible with smartphones, with which a customer can make an online reservation, for a table, an umbrella or anything else relating to hospitality or entertainment, by choosing from a high quality mapped photograph of the premises. The application can connect with PayPal or a bank account.

Installation Procedure

The interested company sends us:

  • Photographs: (logo, enterprise-relative high resolution images) for their implementation and the creation of the corresponding graphic environment, relating to the company website.
  • Texts: Welcome and Thank you texts.

We create and adapt:

  • The client environment (reservation information form)
  • and Statistics management platform

The customer selects by phone, tablet or any device with internet access, what to reserve as well as corresponding date and time of arrival. When the payment is validated, they receive a relevant e-mail with reservation information. The payment cost is subtracted from their bill.

Additional services:

  • Implementation of the i_ReS system on the company’s webpage, via a link or image button is activated by the enterprise’s website development company.
  • Linking with Wifi – Hotspot on the company’s premises, when the client’s device is connected to the wifi, i_ReS is activated with the capability of skipping if the client does not want to use it.
  • Linking with touch screens in welcoming areas etc.
  • QR Code creation for any leaflet, or company digital media.
  • Linking with any Social Media.

Timeframe for installation, customization: 3-4 days.