Guard Maintain

Maintenance task management system

About Guard Maintain

Guard Maintain is a maintenance management application, designed to provide a complete solution to companies that are required to maintain technological and non-equipment, in order to better manage their fixed capital. The common denominator is the need for:

  • Management of damage, requests between sections
  • Management of subcontractors
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Management of necessary maintenance parts
  • Ability to generate reports for any data

The philosophy of Guard Maintain is based on usability, user friendliness and flexibility, enables cooperation with various integrated computerization and automation systems that make use of predictive maintenance possible.


Guard Maintain, especially for the hotel and tourism industry is an important tool for technical managers and production managers to reduce costs and to focus on quality of service in order to improve response to customer needs.

The need to offer quality services, to control and reduce maintenance costs, to control subcontractors and their services, now go through applications of new technologies with ISO certification. Regardless of the size of the hotel business, investing in a maintenance management system brings immediate results, while decisively contributes to the creation of competitive advantages. Guard Maintain makes use of all modern tools and relational databases in order to achieve the maximization of ergonomics and functionality of the application.


  • Reduction to the number of faults
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increase in machinery and equipment lifespan
  • Reduction of accident risks
  • Better management of spare parts inventory
  • Smooth course of production ensurance
  • More efficient and effective allocation of human resources
  • Reduction on maintenance costs of machinery and equipment
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Request management from and to any department

Key Features

Durable Equipment Inventory
Inventory of machines, plant, equipment and general assets that can be subject to maintenance (eg Machinery, Vehicles, Sensors Automation, Buildings, Outdoors, pipe and cable networks etc.)
Damage Monitoring & Troubleshooting
The fault indication and dysfunction report is transferred to the system by the shift managers and is then transferred by email or sms to the responsible service technician for an immediate solution.
Managing Requests
which can be sent to any part not only in the maintenance department, but in any other relating to handling any emergency that requires action.
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Ability to schedule future preventive maintenance based on time (Monthly, Quarterly).
Automatic Alert - Predictive Maintenance
The app can be linked to warning systems (SCADA, PLC systems, SENSORS) which automatically alert uppon any unwanted changes that are recorded in the fault declaration point as to then be evaluated by the maintenance personnel (control work or preventive maintenance).
Registration and Monitoring of Spare Part Movement
The ability is provided to enter parts and warehouse items like item category, storage space, storage barcode, photo of type etc.
Compliance to ISO & HACCP Standards
The system serves the needs arising for the company with accession to ISO 9001 and HACCP procedures. It keeps statistics on the failure situations per machine, product department, employee as well as for preventive maintenance procedures.
Statistics suite
Reports suite using combined search filters for any action

Installation Procedures

Operation from client facilities

The application is installed on the company's equipment. The operation and maintenance responsibility of the equipment belonging to the company. The company is supplied the software with usage licenses and installs it on its equipment and is totally responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the computer system (eg for application upgrades, backups, etc.).

Operation from the Cloud

WeKNOW has overall operational responsibility in cloud equipment available by it and the client company uses the software as a subscription service. The subscription price includes additional services offered by WeKNOW, such as 24/7 operation, backup creation, database management, new version updates etc.


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