WeKnow Value Metric System

The terms of quality and satisfaction are not identified from internal rules and specifications of a business or a company, but are identified by the clients with a process of comparing alternative products by competitive companies.
Garvin (1998)

What WeKnow's Value Metric System is

Measuring and evaluating the quality of services a company, an organization or a business offers, is a difficult but necessary task for any modern enterprise, which is thought to respect customers' opinion.

The aim of any business is, and should be, to upgrade the services it provides.

The VMS is not a simple questionnaire, but a system which measures services that can run and "snap on" to any company providing services.

Based on and subject to certification by:

Why choose VMS

It is completely customizable for every company, depending on its requirements. This means adaptation, hiding and adding new questions.

Displaying textboxes based on the answer to any question:

Health and safety
  Were you satisfied?

When Νο is selected, the corresponding textbox is displayed for commenting.

Other features:

  • Change colors to match with your background
  • Change text (descriptions of specific questions or even entire sections)
  • Change the background or logo of the company (which you can send to us in high resolution)
  • It is available in 10 languages (English, Greek, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Romanian) and the addition of a new language is handled by us.
  • Connects with Social Media and with any other application.
  • Runs on any device with internet access.

VMS Installations

If you want to try filling a VMS out, please open the sample VMS at the end of the page.

  • Blue Lagoon Group Hotels (4), Kos, Greece
  • TBH Hotels (2), RIYADH
  • Kipriotis Panorama Aqualand, Kos, Greece
  • Kipriotis Hippocrates Hotel, Kos, Greece
  • Kipriotis Aqualand Hotel, Kos, Greece
  • Kipriotis Village Hotel, Kos, Greece
  • Kipriotis Maris Suites Hotel, Kos, Greece
  • Eurovillage Achilleas Hotel, Kos, Greece
  • Irina Beach Hotel & Apartments, Kos, Greece
  • Agios Fokas Beach Bar, Kos, Greece

Sample of statistic analysis:

The platform, the interface, which exports statistics for the company is provided by WeKnow and has the following structure, where you can directly monitor the overall image of the company, by watching the responses numerically, by quantity and in diagrams. The range of dates can be changed.

VMS Report

Installation procedure

You send us:

  • High resolution photos in any format for the background
  • Roller images (animator)
  • Changes to the questions

Time for installation and customization: 2 days


We can also install a Hotspot:

Your customers connect to the internet with your router which redirects them to your VMS. If they want they fill their opinion in, otherwise they may surf the internet wherever they want.

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